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In today’s digital age, businesses of all sizes are increasingly turning to cloud solutions to improve their operations, streamline their processes, and reduce costs. Cloud computing allows businesses to scale their infrastructure and resources on-demand, enabling them to quickly respond to changing market conditions and customer needs. At JNT, we specialize in delivering innovative and scalable cloud solutions that empower businesses to leverage the full potential of the cloud. Whether you need to migrate your existing infrastructure to the cloud, build a new cloud-native application, or optimize your cloud environment, our team of experts has the skills and experience to help you succeed.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Elevate your business to the cloud

Cloud infrastructure services provide businesses with the tools they need to create and manage their own cloud-based environments. At JNT, we specialize in helping businesses migrate their existing infrastructure to cloud-based platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. We also offer expertise in infrastructure automation and management, ensuring that your cloud environment is scalable, reliable, and cost-effective.

Cloud DevOps

Seamless cloud integration for your business

Cloud DevOps combines development and operations practices in the cloud to enable faster and more efficient software delivery. At JNT, we specialize in helping businesses implement cloud DevOps practices such as continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), infrastructure as code (IaC), and automated testing. Our team of experts can help you streamline your software delivery process and achieve faster time to market.

Cloud Application Development

Build scalable and reliable cloud native applications

Cloud application development allows businesses to create modern, cloud-native applications that can be deployed and scaled in the cloud. At JNT, we specialize in building scalable and secure cloud applications using popular cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. We also offer expertise in modern cloud application development frameworks such as serverless computing, microservices, and containerization.

Cloud Data Services

Store your data in the clouds

Cloud data services provide businesses with the tools they need to manage and analyze their data in the cloud. At JNT, we specialize in helping businesses migrate their data to the cloud and optimize their data management workflows. We offer expertise in popular cloud-based data management platforms such as AWS RDS, Google Cloud SQL, and Azure SQL Database, as well as data analytics platforms such as AWS Redshift and Google BigQuery.

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Steve Roberts
CTO, Nexus Enterprises
"Collaborating with John and his team on our e-commerce platform transformed our business. Their mastery of Magento combined with their seamless project management approach resulted in a staggering 30% boost in sales within just half a year."
Benjamin Lee
Optima Ventures
"Partnering with JNT on our custom CRM solution was a smart move. Their expertise in Laravel PHP and ability to seamlessly integrate with our existing systems revolutionized our sales process, leading to a noticeable increase in efficiency and performance."
Kayla Weavers
Project Manager, Stellar Solutions
"Our search for a dependable partner to overhaul our website came to an end with you guys. Your nimble WordPress expertise and clear documentation of the process ensured a seamless and worry-free revamp experience."
Dr. Michael Wilson
Chiropractor, Harmony Chiropractic Clinic
"JNT crew came to our aid when our clinic needed an overhaul of our patient management system. With expertise in both the technical and industry aspects, they flawlessly streamlined our processes and ensured compliance with HIPAA regulations."
Emily Davis
Operations Director, Velocity Logistics Group
"The expertise and innovation of your team revolutionized our logistics operations. The custom solution utilizing .NET Core and AWS Cloud significantly decreased our delivery time by 17%. Partnering with JNT was a seamless experience, delivering impressive results."
Chris Conandaru
CBOT Trader
"When it comes to safeguarding our clients' sensitive financial information, we needed a partner who could deliver. Fintech experts from JNT ensured that our applications were not only secure but also fully compliant with industry regulations. Their innovative approach was a game-changer for our business."
Daniel Martinez
Content Strategist, KnowledgeNet Online
"Our e-learning platform was in dire need of an upgrade, and JNT came to the rescue with their Angular expertise. They designed a seamless and intuitive solution, taking our online courses to new heights of accessibility and user experience."
Amanda Brown
The Modern Maven
"Collaborating with John Numan on our e-commerce platform was a crucial step in elevating our online presence. His mastery of Shopify, combined with clear and professional communication throughout the project, resulted in a seamless dev experience for us."