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JohnNuman Technologies is a software development brand covering a full spectrum of IT services, from design, development, implementation and testing to support and consulting.

JohnNuman Technologies in an established IT services brand, presented in the market for over 22 years. We have developed our roots in delivering quality solutions by employing the best professionals. We bring massive economic value on board by employing highly skilled, but inexpensive resources ensuring high accountability at minimal risk. We have experienced consultants with domain expertise to better understand our client's business processes and ensure seamless communication with all the stakeholders, thus reducing the risks associated with offshore engagements.

Our Global Consulting approach ensures that our work force is fully trained & well equipped for global-orianted development, and our clients enjoy the benefits of the low cost services, low risk engagements and world-class quality solutions.

The ability to convert our client's vision into a cost effective and efficient business solution is our primary goal.

Our clientele

Clients do not expect the infrastructure to be any less reliable just because the service is being delivered from an offshore location; thus, the uptime requirements justify the expense.

We @ JNT, develop custom web applications and desktop software for all kind of industries including IT & communications, clothing & footwear, tourism & transportation, healthcare & medicine, jewelry, production industry, NGOs and many more. Our time-tested & proven professional expertise in different industries and a vast array of technical capabilities helps our clients determine the optimal technology solution for reducing costs, streamlining business processes and gaining business advantages. We strongly believe that every client is different and faces unique business challenges, thus our development team work in close collaboration with them to come up with the most appropriate solutions that can be rapidly developed, tested and implemented on time and of course within budget. We understand that custom application and software development is not a once-off task. By using the latest available technologies and tools, we do our best to develop technology solutions which have longer shelf-life and evolve with your business.

Our approach

All clients' needs & expectations are vastly different. We seek to be authentic & engaging, using our own experiences, being as vulnerable as we ask our clients to be, to enhance the process.

JNT is a multi-talented software development company offering the full package of services to our clients to achieve their business objectives. By understanding the processes that make your business unique, we are able to utilise our creative skills and technological know-how to design an IT solution that will supports their businesses. Since 1999 we have been providing innovative and affordable IT solutions that enable organizations of all sizes to achieve their online objectives.

By understanding the processes that make businesses unique, we are able to utilize our creative skills and technological know-how to design a IT solution that will support our clients' businesses now and in future. We pride ourselves on our high levels of customer service. This has been achieved by carrying out all the development and design work in-house, where we can maintain quality control and ensure your deadlines are met.

As an offshore IT company & online solutions provider, JNT is in a unique position to serve you right because we have the best combination or affordability and quality.

JNT is in a unique position to serve you right because we have the best combination of affordability and quality. We cater to the Information Technology needs of businesses from different parts of the world and especially to those companies and individuals interested in outsourcing their I.T. solution requirements to the best offshore company at an affordable cost. We are one of the most professional and experienced IT solutions companies on the horizon. We can help you not just define your needs but also fullfill those needs. Working with us, you will experience the best development services.

We give our clients the earliest delivery consistent with quality - whatever the inconvenience to us.

Our vision & Strategy

  • Clear focus on latest & state-of-art software development services
  • Philosophy of long-term partnership with customers
  • Effective HR processes & performance oriented career model
  • Setting higher standards staff training & education

Our values towards clients

  • Individual approach
  • Strive for perfection
  • Setting clear-cut goals
  • Use of the foremost technologies
  • Creative way to address challenging tasks
  • Mutual agile development via true cooperation

Our Strengths

  • Our vision, culture & skills fit well for outsourcing in target markets
  • Excellent multilanguage skills of the team members
  • Deep understanding of corporate identity and philosophy
  • High transparency & maturity of the processes